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30th-Oct-2008 11:02 am - Taking a stance
fencing, manly, "capo ferro"
Copy this sentence into your Livejournal if you're in a heterosexual marriage, and you don't want it "protected" by the bigots who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow.

Yup, my marriage can not be hurt by anyone else's marriage be it a loving union between a man and a woman, a man and a man or a woman and a woman. My marriage can neither be hurt by those wanting to "protect" it considering marriage a sacred union between two unwilling teenagers entered in to as abstinence only -model of sexual education lets them down and they for one reason or another can not option for giving up on the child or aborting the pregnancy. My marriage can not be hurt by any people abusing their own marriages in what ever way they might fancy, but my world can and that world can also be made a better place by respecting the love, unions and marriages of any loving couples no matter what their orientation.

29th-Jun-2008 09:36 pm - We have a daughter
scheming, smug
And her name is Irene Brigida, still quite often known as Mogi. Well this most likely was old news to anyone who reads my darling wife's livejournal, but in case it wasn't, I am an extremely happy new daddy.

First published photos of our daughter and my initial blogging in Finnish
Second set of photos and an English version of the blogging then
Emma's pics of Irene's naming
21st-Jan-2008 03:18 pm - SCA in 24 questions
scheming, smug
1. What is your SCA Name?
Dubhghall MacÉibhearáird
, but wait there's moreCollapse )
18th-Jan-2008 01:08 pm(no subject)
scheming, smug
Blogging in entirety has lately been almost non-existant, but in my other blog, there's something sca-wise important although even that was  a joint effort with my darling wife.

On a lighter note, these seemed quite fun, so I decided to try it

My Interests CollageCollapse )
18th-Sep-2007 12:41 am - Gnomed
scheming, smug
Well, I've been playing around. Last spring I got a new (old and used) pc, but it took a while till I got myself around to do something with it. Then I got it done and sure enough was in trouble. You see, I for the first time in my life decided to actually become a Linux user. It is a good thing I have keen and nice friends (LLT, Lean Linux Tuki :D ) around me as my initial installation of Ubuntu didn't quite work out, but took a distribution upgrade and some script installation to become viable. After that the software required (how hard can it be to get the necessary programming tools and development servers running -hah! woe) and of course tweaking the flipping UI to aesthetically pleasing form.

I'm starting to feel home in this, I'm starting to feel home around the system and the odds are that I'm on the verge of doing something incredibly stupid with the rig, but till that happens behind the cut, there's a pic on how it looks like.

On a completely different note, just finished first draft on something I've been procrastinating on a while. Interesting to see what my proofreaders will say of it.
12th-Sep-2007 05:10 pm - Second client test
scheming, smug
This time with the Fox's Deepest sender add on, which looks like a better client to use
3rd-Sep-2007 03:34 pm - Scribe fire test
scheming, smug
So might this little Firefox plugin be something that makes publishing to this journal easy and expedient, who knows but this is the test.

Powered by ScribeFire.

30th-Aug-2007 09:52 am - No. Uno
scheming, smug
Nothing much. I'll might add content over time, but presently have been blogging very little due to work.
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